8 September, 2018

Written by URN, Observer, Uganda.


Reproduced 4th November, 2021


By World Media


A group of NRM

MPs and ministers pushing for the removal of age limit

clause has continued with their resolve.

Some 245 NRM MPs on Tuesday resolved to introduce a bill


parliament with the intention of removing article 102b of


constitution to allow three-decade president run for

president in 2021

when Uganda next goes to the polls.

Born in 1944 and in power since 1986, Museveni will be

ineligible for re-election unless article 102b is


Now junior investment minister Evelyn Anite, notorious

for the 2015

Museveni sole candidate campaign that kicked powerful

ex-prime minister

Amama Mbabazi from NRM, has now warned that the party will

use its

numbers in Parliament to ensure that the age limit clause is

deleted and

  Museveni rules for life.

Addressing the press at Parliament on Thursday alongside


advocating for Museveni life presidency, Anite added that

the NRM had

the support of the National Army and the National Police and would use

these forces

against the Opposition who have vowed to fight the



Police, leaders clash over rising curfew casualties:

By Wandera, Monitor reporter
Katikamu North MP Hassan Kirumira (left) and a section of residents inspect the scene where a trader was shot by police while enforcing curfew in Wobulenzi Town Council on October 30. PHOTO/DAN WANDEERA 
  • The law enforcement body has been accused of using excessive force while enforcing the Covid-19 preventive guidelines.
  • The police’s actions are brutal, costing dear lives while many innocent residents are left maimed.

Leaders in Luweero District have accused the police of using excessive force while enforcing the Covid-19-induced curfew.

This follows a crackdown by police in Wobulenzi Town Council last week, which left two people nursing bullet wounds.  One of the victims succumbed to his injuries yesterday.

Mr Erasto Kibirango, the Luweero District chairperson, said between July and October, the district registered more than two deaths and about 30 residents have sustained injuries as police enforce curfew guidelines.


Omutawana oguli mu ggwanga lya Buganda okutwalira amateeka mungalo:


Governmenti ya NRM erina kutunula butunuzi kubanga nayo erina omuze gwe gumu ogwobusungu nokukozesa elyanyi kwabo abalina endowooza eyenjawulo.  

“The police’s actions are brutal, costing dear lives while many innocent residents are left maimed. It is very irresponsible for the police to use live ammunition on unarmed civilians,” Mr Kibirango said during an interview on Monday.

He added: “While the police claims that the officers involved in the murder of the two people were apprehended, the continued application of brutality in enforcing curfew guidelines cannot be entertained.”

Luweero District Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya and Katikamu South MP Hassan Kirumira said while the police have the mandate to enforce the curfew, the number of causalities caused by the enforcement is worrying.

“We have lost lives and many get serious injuries each time the police try to enforce the curfew guidelines. The two deaths that we registered in Zirobwe Sub-county should be the last,” Ms Nabukenya said.

She added: “The victims were killed by trigger happy police officers. We have petitioned the police authorities to rein in their reckless officers, but we are yet to register success.”

Mr Kirumira said the injured vendors were going home when police recklessly used live bullets in enforcing the curfew.

Ono omusirukale muffu, yattibwa


“We shall not rest until the police stop the brutal acts against the residents,” he said.

However, the Savannah Regional Police spokesperson, Mr Isah Semwogerere, said: “The police have always addressed all incidents that the leaders are talking about professionally including arresting our officers implicated in particular incidents. For the case where a civilian died when a police officer used a sharp object, the officer was arraigned before Court.”

He said preliminary investigations have revealed that it was the political leaders including the Wobulenzi Town Council chairperson, Mr Moses Ssebalamu, who incited the vendors to defy the curfew guidelines and engage the police in a running battle.


The arrest of Uganda Opposition politicians continues to go ahead so that NRM can get enough space to campaign for another term in power come 2021:


“The traders pelted stones at the police. The Wobulenzi Town incident is under investigation after the police officers involved recorded statements. It is not true that the police are acting outside the law,” Mr Semogerere said.

Mr Ssebalamu denied claims that he incited the vendors saying: “The police must own up their actions.”

On Monday, Mr Ssebalamu was arrested in regard to the allegations.