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A Shs72bn scandal in the National Enterprise Corporation, the trading arm of the Uganda Armed forces is being investigated:

The proud military officials of the Uganda Armed forces on field exercise

The Luwero civil war seems to have turned peasants into rich billionaires.


Was the brutal civil war of Luwero justified?
By the Abr media
26 October, 2018

The scandal relates to 914 former NEC workers who were laid off many years ago as part of the retrenchment.

Once retrenched, employees become entitled to terminal benefits. Having been retrenched in 1992/1993, some of the ex-NEC workers missed their benefits prompting them to sue government in 2002. Almost 10 years later in August 2011, Justice Kibuka Musoke ruled in their favor and ordered government to pay them Shs7.1bn. As they waited for their payment, the ex-NEC workers learnt that the ministries of Defense, Finance & Justice (AG Chambers) were processing Shs46bn as opposed to the mere Shs7.1bn court directed.

They became appalled and petitioned the IGG saying this was fraud. They claimed over 270 names on the beneficiaries' list were ghosts. The IGG referred the matter to the Auditor General from whom it was hijacked by CIID headquarters Kibuli from where it was controversially closed.

The two ministries of Finance & Justice then began effecting payments through the ex-NEC workers' lawyer Davis Ndyomugabe who now says he has been paying out to the beneficiaries. The lawyer, on whose Stanbic Bank account the money continues to be wired in installments, says there are some of his clients he hasn't yet managed to locate and that's why he is still keeping their money.


ISO is now investigating to establish how what was initially Shs7.1bn grew to Shs72bn which the two ministries of Finance & AG are continuing to pay in regular installments. The Stanbic Bank account number ISO is investigating 9030004036149 of the Metro branch. Whereas Solicitor General Francis Atooke says he isn't aware of the NEC matter, Finance Ministry publicist Jim Mugunga says he is aware of the matter but finds Shs72bn outrageously very high.