As a trained soldier, the General used his daughter's dead body as a shield against a massive hail of bullets.


4th June, 2021


By World media


Now that I have got a second to sit on a PC let me start by clarifying one misnomer being sold by both Abbey Semuwemba and Peter Simon Okurut, that General Katumba Wamala was saved by the hand of God. When you send a bullet out of the magazine into the chamber and pull the trigger of that gun, there is never a God that stands to dare save that target. And if you question that statement please show up in this city we will drive to a range, and you stand in front of the AR15 and we see how that God actually works. It is being delusional selling such nonsense and please stop it. Secondly, yes it is true when people die in Uganda we create all causes of death from Yabuka Obusukko to bamuloze, to ago Mayembe, to Yagaana okuzina abalongo bebamusse, on and on we sadly walk. In this city we carry out an autopsy and we find out exactly why some one died, and if it is an accident we re-create the accident scene, to understand who was wrong, and why the accident happened. That reconstruction helps us understand how to build safer streets, and whose insurance has to be held liable. What I intend to do today is to walk back to the assassination scene, and reconstruct the assassination attempt to understand exactly how the General survived.


Walk with me before we sell the nonsense of the man was saved by God’s hand.


To become a critical thinker one has to be able to get the facts, throw them into an independent computer model, and the model comes back with the same conclusion you have made. At this scene I am agreeing with two possible circumstances that the model is giving me as well. So I reached two very separate conclusions and the computer model is giving me both very separate conclusions. Let us start with the facts that we know. We know that the attempt happened between 8 and 9am after they had breakfast, that means that the assassins had the advantage of day light. We know that the occupants of the car knew that they were being followed by motorcycles, that tells us that the General being a trained soldier knew that there was an eminent danger before the attack. We know that there were four people in the car, the driver in the driving seat, the body guard in the passenger  seat, the General at the back in his usual seat, and the daughter on his right side seat. That tells us that the assassins were not surprised at the seating set up, for he was in his usual seat. We know that the daughter was the only militarily un trained passenger in the car, thus of a laser problem to the assassins. We know the car was a small unit thus a trap to the occupants. We do not know but it is very possible rather plausible that the General was not armed, he might have been armed but given that he was going for a family vigil, it is very possible he was not armed. We lastly know that 56 rounds were pumped into the vehicle, and to me this being Uganda I do not agree with that number, I think it was way more than that number, but for argument sake I will work with the 56 number.


With the above information we ask the computer model, the results of the assassination, every model we ask comes back with a response I came with, all car occupants are dead including the General. For the record I have thrown those facts in three different models and they all three came back with no survivor in the car. And I agree with all three conclusions. Here is the but, General Katumba Wamala walked out of that tiny car alive to a point that he made a statement the next day, thus he never went to a comma, never had a serious injury, in fact he calls his injuries none life threatening,  how the hell did that happen and all computer models missed it? So I turn around and flip the question to the computer model, and after I fill in all the above facts, I ask the model to find me a single way possible where the General can walk out alive. Given the above facts tell me how General Katumba Wamala can walk out of the car and remain alive. The response of the model surprisingly came back in a way I also agreed with the model.


It says, that although the time was in the morning, and thus so many passerby, the assassins had a time factor on their hand, they remained in control of the situation, they knew that their major problem was the driver for he would have sped away, they  took him out first. They had three people that were in now a stopped car for the driver is dead, and thus every advantage to kill the General, The only way the General would have survived this assassination attempt, was to lift his own daughter and turn her into a shield. In every shooting, the model argues, no matter how many bullets are pumped to the victims, those that are under the shield will survive. Parents in accidents, in mass shootings do not even think about it they just fall on their children and those kids survive for every bullet pumped ends into the parent, husbands fall on their wives and they end up riddled with bullets but the wives survive. And they survive because in an assassination attempt there is no time to check for pulse, when you look at the damage done, and you see the blood all over the place you just believe that everyone is dead and you get out. Because the girl was the shield, she took all the bullets thus the enormous amount of blood being reported, and in that confusion, with a General playing dead, there is no time to check for the pulse.


The killing fields in Kampala, Uganda


And I extrapolate why I agree that he held his own daughter to save his life, Whenever a gun is pointed at an un trained civilian, he/she trembles, as this girl saw the gun she must have screamed when looking face to face to the assassins, the moment she takes the first bullet she must buckle and her head goes down the window facing the assassin, because General Katumba is taller than the daughter, that dropping of the daughter must expose him to the shooter. Why the girl does not drop as bullets are coming in? It is because the General himself is holding her from the back as she is being pounded. As bullets continue coming in, she goes into shock and fails to hold up right her body even if her father is holding her, she starts to be of weight to the General, and the General curves down as she is dropping down, at the same rate and at the same speed. Very good training is all he needs to do that, and if he is a General you bet he has the training. After they drop both at the same side, the assassin is still shooting the daughter, and the fact that the daughter is large, she has a body that can cover the most vital parts of her father, and as the father plays dead, and all soaked into blood, the assassins look at the shredded body and they think both are dead. The General was not shot badly for he even managed to go to  the hospital on a Boda-boda. The girl took almost all the 56 bullets for you wonder where all of htm went when the body guard that was of most threat remained alive. They pounded only the back seat for they wanted the general dead and the daughter was shredded  like smitheries.


Look at their sizes, the General is larger than the daughter, he is stronger than her, and he is trained when she is not, and the only places he has to save is not his entire body but the crucial organs, his head, his chest and probably his stomach, the legs were in the seat but even if they are shot those are repairable, even if he loses them he can get artificial ones, the daughter was fat thus enough body mass to protect the major organs of the General, and I argue that she did not have the ability to protect them willingly. The fact that she was not militarily trained, she was the most frightened passenger in that car, to make any sensible decision as protecting her own father. The model argues she was held and her body mass did the hard work, that it why her body was riddled with bullets. Her own father made her take them for his survival. There is not going to be an open casket funeral for this daughter for her entire face is history. That is why I posted the two liners yesterday for the entire explanation they were giving was simply not making sense, but instead of reading closely what I posted, the Mwiiri graduates took it for a ride for to them they know how the General survived, God walked in from heaven and saved his life.                                                 -> Give me a firkin break  !!!!!!


And I opine that, unlike many parents out there, that prioritize the lives of their own children to their own, unlike husbands out there, that prioritize the lives of their wives instead of their own, General Katumba Wamala is a coward, so coward that he decided to protect his own life than of the daughter, or he would have fallen on his daughter and became the shield of the child. He decided to do exactly the opposite and the child is today dead.

Kuungana Mulindwa Mawasiliano Kikundi


"Pamoja na Yoweri Museveni, Ssabassajja na Dk. Kiiza Besigye, Uganda ni katika machafuko"





In Uganda, the Members of Parliament are fed up with a continuous curfew against COVID19:

The exercise is proving irrelevant for now over one year:

12 March, 2021

Written by URN

A police roadblock that has been going on for many months


Members of parliament want the 9pm-4.30am curfew lifted, saying it is no longer relevant since the COVID-19 vaccination has commenced, and that Uganda has also made great strides in combatting the spread of the virus.

The matter of national importance was raised during plenary by Gilbert Olanya the Kilak South MP who says that the curfew is being used to violate rights of Ugandans, curtail mothers and women who are coming from the market and extort money from Ugandans.

According to Olanya, the curfew needs to be lifted since it is being misused by the security officers to extort money from businesses and locals.

"Roadblocks are being mounted everywhere, after 9 pm anyone stopped at the roadblock, that person must part with money…The curfew time is doing more harm to Ugandans than good. My prayer is that government should stop the police officers from extorting money from the community. Secondly, government should really disband the so-called curfew. Rt. Hon. speaker you are aware that big markets are open, workshops are going on in fact people are going on with their normal life. Why is this curfew time still being implemented," Olanya said. 

Herbert Kinobere the Kibuku County MP says for violating the curfew, Ugandans are being tied with their hands at the back with ropes, bringing back memories of slave trade. He says the arrested persons are only released after paying money to the security officers. 

"You find them squatting and waiting for what? The issue is they don’t take the people arrested to the police station. You call your relative, they come with money [and] you’re released. Their bonds are always at night. The minister should come out and clarify whether we have the curfew and the police officers manning the curfew," said Kinobere. 

Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa says that last week on Wednesday she presented a petition from the private sector on the curfew, and cabinet tasked the national task force on COVID-19 to review the standard operating procedure on COVID-19 including the curfew.

"The manner in which the curfew is being managed. This was after the presentation from the ministry of Health on the progress of COVID-19, and madam speaker cabinet decided that the national Taskforce of COVID-19 sits and reviews all those standard operating procedures to make sure that some of them are withdrawn because we’re progressing very well," Nankabirwa said. 

The speaker Rebecca Kadaga questioned the relevance of curfew at this time, saying this matter should be handled quickly. She says it is really disturbing that even when one goes upcountry they have to spend the night there since they can't return at night. 

She says that there is no need to contain people's movement anymore as it touches on the human rights of Ugandans. She tasked government to come with an answer next Tuesday.

"Hon minister this is a matter that is really urgent, we don’t think we need to meet for very long over the matter. It is a clear matter. What is the use of the curfew now? There’s isn’t. There is no need to confine people anymore. So update us before the end of next week," Kadaga said. 

Cyrus Aogon the Kumi Municipality MP says that it is time to remove the curfew and allow Ugandans to recover from the economic hardships brought about by the lockdown. 


Of course some nasty African politicians love it. Because it ties down the development of Buganda to build itself up strongly to a future autonomous state.

One understands that this curfew is one of the many controls being used indirectly in Buganda without using it elsewhere in Uganda. In other words, one does not break the law and pays a handsome fine in Acholiland, if one walks during the night from 9.00pm to 6.00am!






The United States of America sanctions have blown a veil off General Kayihura's family members:

20 September, 2019


 By Andrew Bagala


 Divine intervention. Religious leaders pray for Gen Kal

Divine intervention. Religious leaders pray for Gen Kale Kayihura and his family at a function in Kisoro Town in 2017. PHOTO BY ANDREW BAGALA 

The US Treasury Department travel sanctions on former Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura has blown the veil off his family, sucking in his wife Angela Umurisa Gabuka, daughter Tesi Uwibambe and son Kale Rudahigwa.

The US government slapped sanctions on Gen Kayihura over alleged corruption and human rights abuse during his reign as head of Uganda Police Force.
Until the sanctions, Gen Kayihura’s family had been out of the limelight and very little or nothing was known about them.

Angela Umurisa Gabuka Kayihura
She was born in Kenya. She is a relative of the late Mutara III Rudahigwa, the king of Rwanda in the 1950s.
Ms Kayihura is a teacher by profession but a source who lived with her said she is preoccupied with housework and looking after her family.

The source described her as a woman of reserved character, but frank and forceful. She said Ms Kayihura is generous to vulnerable children in the Muyenga neighbourhood, Makindye Division where they live.

The close family source said Ms Kayihura is feared by everyone at home as she prefers things done her way to perfection and any dissent or divergence attracts a prompt fallout.

Her known public appearance was in the High Court about five years ago when her sister Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga was on trial for murder of her husband Juvenal Nsenga.

She appeared in court often until her sister was convicted in September 2014.
Ms Kayihura is a member of an association of wives of Uganda army generals.

Ms Tesi Uwibambe
Ms Uwibambe, like her mother, is a quiet and reserved person, according to those she has worked closely with her.
She compensates her oratory shortfalls with written expressions and her views have been published by several media houses, especially in the United States.

Ms Uwibambe went to International School of Uganda. She completed high school on May 27, 2011.

She joined Seattle University in Washington, where she studied public affairs specialising in health policy. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2016, according to Seattle University alumni list.

In an article about leaders for Africa, Ms Uwibambe said right from childhood, she knew community service was her thing.
“All I knew very early in life was that I wanted to help people in some way. My peers often questioned me on why I did not have the ambition for making a lot of money, becoming rich and famous. I always felt drawn to serving others, especially those less fortunate than I, as opposed to earning heaps of money to spend on myself,” Ms Uwibambe wrote.

She added: “This, together with my love for Uganda, led me to choose between being a soldier in the Ugandan army to defend my country, or to work in the medical field. Since I am not sure of my physical strength, I have chosen to follow the path of medicine where I can find ways to improve the health sector in my country.”

It is her love for health issues that could have influenced her parents to rehabilitate Kisoro Referral Hospital’s children ward, donate incubators, beds, beddings and oxygen concentrator in 2017.

While in the United States, Uwibambe was an ardent writer and human rights activist regularly contributing articles to Seattle University newspaper.

Many of her articles advocated rights of women and minorities such as black people and gays.
She also did research in police and vigilante violence towards communities of colour and the dynamics that play into the systems that perpetuate such violence in Seattle.

On September 22, 2016, she authored in Seattle Times an article titled: “Why ‘whitesplaining’ is hurtful to people of color”, defending protests in the US by African American against police violence.

After returning to Uganda in 2017, she joined the World Food Programme in Rwanda where she worked on health policy issues. It is alleged that she returned to Uganda after the Rwanda-Uganda icy relations last year.

When her father was taken to the General Court Martial last year, she attended the proceedings in the military court at Makindye and was often overcome by emotion and cried.
It is not clear what she does currently.

Mr Rudahigwa

He holds a degree in Law from University of Buckingham, UK. Rudahigwa went to St Mary’s College Kisubi for secondary education between 2003 and 2008, the same school his father attended in 1970s.

He inherited his father’s Marxist ideas. He even wore T-shirts with Ernesto Che Guevara photographs and kept a long beard and hair in his youthful years. He went to UK for his tertiary education where he studied a course in oil and later joined University of Buckingham from 2013 to 2016. He returned in 2017 and became his father’s aide, the duty he has maintained to-date.






In Uganda, more shooting and arresting is on going as civilian crime violence increases: 

7th September, 2019

By Andrew Bagala

Crime scene. Police officers cordon off the scene where two people were shot dead on Entebbe Expressway on Thursday night. Inset are the window of the co-driver’s seat which was penetrated by two bullets, and one of the deceased. COURTESY PHOTOS.  

The two victims, Florence Maya Kamikazi, and Joshua Ruhegyera Ntereho, were driving from Busega towards Entebbe in a Toyota Prado.
The shootout happened at an area surrounded by an expansive wetland without human settlement.

A security source said the arrested person is suspected to have been near the scene on the fateful day.
Investigations to establish the people behind the killing of the two are still ongoing.
By press time, police were yet to issue a statement on the killing.

The attack
The gunman shot two bullets that penetrated through the car window on the co-driver’s side. The bullets appear to have been shot from a raised ground targeting where the co-driver sits.
The co-driver’s seat appears to have been empty at the time of the shooting.

How the vehicle stopped during the attack is also still an issue of investigation since there is no sign that the driver struggled to manoeuvre to fend off the attack.
The vehicle was found properly parked on the road shoulders.
Kamikazi was found dead behind the co-driver’s seat after she was shot once in the head.

Investigators at the scene said the shooting could have been at close range and that the attacker might have done it after opening the door since no bullet holes were seen on her door or windscreen.
According to unofficial police report, the body of the male victim was found in a pool of blood outside the vehicle, with a rifle in hand.


Forensic officers suspect that he got out of the car unhurt in a desperate move to flee from the scene but was shot in the head before he could fire back. His firearm wasn’t taken by the killers.

Three cartridges were recovered at the scene. Both police and army personnel spent a big part of Thursday night searching the crime scene.
The bodies were removed at about 2.30am after forensic officers had done their work.


People who knew Ntereho say he was close to the First Family and he had started up a company called Amba Financial Ltd, with the help of the First Son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. The company gives out loans to youth at a low interest rates.
The incident happened at least 100 metres away from a police CCTV camera with facial recognition technology.

Who are the victims?






























Joshua Nteireho Rushegyera, the deceased had worked with China Communications Construction Company on the ongoing Entebbe Airport expansion.
On his Facebook page, there are photos he took with the members of the First Family at State House, Entebbe. On the page, he says he studied at St Mary’s College Kisubi. His friends posted on the page to commiserated with his family.
One of the photos he posted on his Facebook page in March shows him standing with a child and a counter-terrorism police officer holding a gun and closely watching them.
Information about Florence Maya Kamukazi was very scanty by press time.

Early peek into investigations

Investigators have made arrests in connection to the shooting to death of Princess Kamikazi and Joshua Ntereho Ruhegyera on the Entebbe Express Highway on Thursday night.

The investigators are following the line that the deceased were attacked because of an unspecified amount of money that is suspected to have been robbed from their vehicle after they were killed.
Ruhegyera, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident, is said to be related to the First Family.
A police officer with Tourism Police was arrested after his gun, an AK 47 rifle No. UG POL. 56-31006990022697 with bullets, was allegedly recovered from the scene.

Information obtained by Saturday Monitor shows that the police officer signed for the same gun on Thursday evening from Entebbe Police Station before heading out to an unknown guard post in Entebbe Municipality.
Upon arrest, the policeman allegedly told police detectives investigating the killing that the Ruhegyera, who he knew, was related to the First Family, went to him and asked him to escort them somewhere to pick up some unspecified amount of money.

A source close to the investigation said: “The three left Entebbe and came to Millennium Hotel in Zzana (Kampala). According to [the arrested police officer], he was left outside the hotel. He said when the duo came out, they just entered the vehicle and drove off with the gun.”
He also reportedly told the investigators that when the duo drove off and left him at Millennium Hotel, he waited for them in vain until he jumped into a taxi and headed back to Entebbe.

Our source said that two others have since been arrested over the incident. A man who had reportedly gone to check on the arrested policeman yesterday morning was also detained, in addition to a third suspect, whose details we had not yet established by press time.

Additional reporting by Tom Mabala and Risdel Kasasira






Omugenyi bwakyala wano e Buganda, Omugenyi akyaluka:



6 July, 2019


By World Media, 

Kasita omulabe mumanyi endyaye, ensula ye nentambulaye. Kibi okutta maama ali munnimiro nga asiga ebijjanjalo byabaana okulya wano e Buganda!

President wa Uganda nga ayombesa abo abagala okumujja muntebe yo bwa Presidenti bwa Uganda gyamazeemu kakati emyaka 33

Franco TPOK ayimba toggwangamu omwoyo.

Abe bibiina ebimu nga Kirimuttu,  Bangawa, Nkobazambogo, Nkerettanyi etc basabye olukiiko  lukoleyo omusomo omulala bakungaane:


Kitiisa nyo kubanga Ensi Buganda eguddemu ettemu dekka busa: 

















Buganda Police badge


Omulundi guno tetulaba bwetubagamba ku bya kutegeka kubanga mumanyi tuli bangi nnyo eno ku mawanga. Kale ekitono kyetwetaaga kibeera 1.5 - 2M. Mbadde nsaba buli omu abeeko kyatoola kiyambe okukunganya abantu baffe abo kubanga ba nsonga nnyo. Anti bakikanyuga kulaalira kudda na birimba. Entegeka ya 19 July, 2019 mu kwetegekera amatikkira.
Awangaale Omutanda.


Tusaba buyambi tupangise hall ndowoozza mwalaba kyetwakola nga 24th May, e Buganda ate ne UK!








Abagambibwa okutta aba Mobile Money E Zzana balagidddwa:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 6th July 2019


EKITONGOLE ekirwanyisa obutujju ekya Joint Anti Terrorism (JAT) bwe kigenze mu maka gabaakwatibwa ne kizuula ensawo y’omugenzi Harriet Nalwadda eyali owa mobile money eyakubwa amasasi gye buvuddeko n’omukozi we nga badda awaka.


Untitled1 703x422

Abamu ku baakwatiddwa


Gye buvuddeko ekitongole kya JAT kyakutte abajaasi babiri n’a bavuzi ba bodaboda babiri abagambibwa okutta Nalwadda n’omukozi we Maureen Nakabubi gye buvuddeko, bwe baabakuba amasasi ne babaleka mu kitaba ky’omusaayi e Zzana.


JAT okukwata abantu bano, yasooka kukwata Stanely Mulunda amanyiddwa nga Fank Jjumba Ssaalongo gwe baakwatira mu nnyumba e Masanafu oluvannyuma lw’abatuuze okwekegera abantu bano mu kitundu.

Kyokka ekitongole kya Flying Squad ne kirwanagana n’ababbi bano ne kikwata Mulunda ate Richard Kasirye agambibwa okuba n’emmundu n’adduka.


Ono Mulunda gw’alumiriza nti musirikale w’amagye akola e Bombo. JAT yayongera okukunya Mulunda oluvannyuma lw’okumusaga n’ekipapula okuli amannya ng’abaserikale, kkooti be yali yata ku misango egy’enjawulo.

Mulunda yalonkoma abajaasi babiri okuli; Dennis Mangusho amannyiddwa nga Ssewakambo ng’ono yali w’amagye n’agaddukamu ne Robert Bob Onechan naye yali mujaasi. Bano baakwatibwa mu bbaala ya Happy Boys e Namasuba era poliisi n’ekuba amasasi mu bbanga bwe bali bagezaako okudduka.

Abakwate bano baalokoma omuvuzi wa bodaboda Isaac Ntale eyabavuga nga bamaze okutta Nalwadda, ng’ono mutuuze w’e Nalumunye.

Yakwatiddwa era mu nnyumba ye mwasagiddwaamu ensawo y’omugenzi Nalwadda ng’eriko ekituli ky’essasi we lyayita nga bakuba Nalwadda n’omusaayi.







Ettemu liremedde mu bitundu by’e Ntebe ate nelyeyongerayo ne mubitundu ebirala wano e Buganda:

By Musasi wa Bukedde


Added 5th July 2019


MU kiro ekyakeesezza Olwomukaaga nga June 29, abantu abagambibwa okuba abeebyokwerinda basse omuvubuka Ronald Kiviiri abadde omutuuze w’oku Bayitaababiri e Ntebe.


Mwana 703x422

AIGP Asan Kasingye bwe yali ayogerako eri abatuuze.


Nga bino tebinnabaawo, nga June 26, omuvubuka Moses Kalikwani 30, abadde abeera e Kitubulu yatemuddwa mu bukambwe omulambo ne guzuulibwa mu kibira kya Kayirira.


Omulambo gwasangiddwa nga gutemeddwaako omutwe, nga bamuggyeemu ebyenda, omutima ate nga asaliddwaako n’obusajja.

Ettemu lino lyakwasizza omusamize Godfrey Lukabya  olw’ebigambibwa nti eyatemuddwa abadde abeera ku ssabo lye ono nga alina by’amujjanjaba.


Poliisi yategeezezza nti ono yamugguddeko omusango gw’obutemu ku fayiro nnamba Sd Ref 40 /26/06/2019  asobole okugiyambako mu kunoonyereza.

Obutemu ku ababiri bano, bwawezezza omuwendo gw’abantu abakunukkiriza mu 20 mu kitundu ky’e Ntebe abazze batemulwa mu bukambwe mu myaka ebiri. 

Nga January 29, 2019, omuwala  Lydia Namirimu eyali atemera mu myaka 25 yattibwa.

Poliisi yasooka okukola okunoonyereza kyokka n’eremererwa okubaako gw’ekwata kyokka oluvannyuma kyateeberezebwa nti omuwala ono yandiba  atemuddwa muganzi we  Peter Nsubuga kubanga oluvannyuma naye yasangibwa yesse.

Ettemu lino lyatandika okunyiinyiitira ku kittabakazi mu 2017. Mu mwaka ogwo abakyala 12 mu bitundu by’e Ntebe be battibwa era bano kigambibwa nti battibwa mu bbanga eryali wansi w’emyezi etaano gyokka.

Wabula n’okutuusa esaawa ya leero, poliisi yalemererwa okuzuula abatemu abaali batta abakyala bano n’okuzuula ekigendererwa kyabwe oluvannyuma lwa kkooti okwejereza abantu basatu poliisi be yali etaddeko eky’okutta abakyala bano.

Ku battibwa mu ttemu lino e Ntebe  kwaliko Sarah Nelima 22, Harriet Nantongo, Aisha Nakasinde 25 eyali omutuuze we Garuga omulambo gwe gwazuulibwa nga August 18 e Kasenyi.

Norah Wanyana 17  eyali omuyizi ku Airforce e Ntebe omulambo gwazuulibwa July 21 mu lusuku lw’omutuuze omu e Nkumba Central, Rose Nakimuli eyali ow’e Kitala nagwo gwazuulibwa July 24 e Kitala.

Gorreti Nansubuga 19,  yali mutuuze w’e Kasenyi omulambo gwazuulibwa nga  August 8 nga gusuuliddwa mu kibira e Kasenyi, Sarah Nakajjo yali mutuuze e Kasenyi ye omulambo gwazuulibwa nga August 11 mu kibira e Kasenyi, Aisha Kasowole ono yali malaaya era naye yattibwa mu ngeri y’emu.

Faith Komugisha eyali omutuuze e Kitubulu, waliwo n’omuwala omulala ataategeerekeka mannya nga omulambo gwe naye gwazuulibwa mu August.     


Bba wa Nakasinde omu ku battibwa, Francis Bahati yategeezezza Bukedde nti oluvannyuma lwa mukyalawe obudde okuziba nga tannadda ka, yatandikirawo okweraliikirira era n’atandika okunoonya buli we yali amusuubira kyokka n’atamulaba okutuusa lwe baazuula omulambo.

Bahati agamba nti tamanyi kyassa mukyala we kubanga yali tawulirangako luyombo wadde okumufunako amawulire nti yali abaliga.

Essuubi limuli mu poliisi okuzuula abantu abatta mukyala we n’ensonga kwebasinziira. 

Bahati era mwennyamivu eri poliisi okumulimba olw’eyali aduumira poliisi mu kiseera ekyo Gen. Kayihura okusuubiza nti yali wa kusisinkana abaafiirwa baliyirirwe olw’okufiirwa abantu baabwe ekitaatuukirizibwa!


Poliisi yakola alipoota nti abaali batta abakazi bano baali beekuusa ku kabinja ka Illuminati. Baakwata omugagga Ivan Katongole, Andrew Kizito ne Hellen Nabaggala nga be baali bagambibwa nti beenyigira mu kutemula Rose Nakimuli, baaleetebwa mu mbuga z’amateeka wabula omulamuzi wa kkooti Enkulu mu Kampala Wilson Kwesiga n’abejjeereza nga agamba nti poliisi yalemererwa okuleeta obujulizi obumatiza nti bano be batemu.