The so called Apolitical National Police of Uganda has promised to investigate the African police officers who seem to be political in their duties to the wide public:

The new National Insepector General of the Police forces in Uganda Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, an Acholi African tribe of Uganda

The fearsome Police forces of Uganda armed with long sticks and AK 47 guns.

The former Insepector General of the Uganda Police forces, Mr Kale Kayihura of the Bakiga African tribe of Uganda 

23 September, 2018

By Monitor Reporter

The National Police of Uganda has instituted investigation into the conduct of some officers who were captured on video beating and torturing unidentified supporters of Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine.

On Friday, a video circulated on social media platforms showing police officers battering a man inside a police station for allegedly supporting the MP’s ‘People Power’ movement.

In his statement, Mr Kyagulanyi blasted police saying: “With this proof, I have requested our legal team to immediately identify the officers involved and take legal action against them in their individual capacity. We are also gathering evidence to strengthen the case we filed at the United Nations Committee Against Torture.”

However, police say they have opened an inquiry into the conduct of these officers.

“Today, September 21, 2018, there is a video circulating on social media platforms showing our officers behaving in a manner that is unacceptable under our professional code of conduct. These acts are not institutionalised, but individual acts that have no place in the Uganda Police Force. This is why all individuals involved will be investigated and penalised in accordance with the law. Justice will be done,” a police statement shared through police’s social media platforms reads.

The video emerged just hours after Mr Kyagulanyi returned from the U.S where he had travelled for specialized treatment following injuries he reportedly sustained after he was tortured by security officers in their custody during the Arua by-election fracas last month. 


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Uganda Military Police yewerekedde Member wa Parliamenti, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) okuva ku kisaawe Entebbe okutuuka e Magere mu makaage:

Police ya Uganda nga etawanya abasibe ba Bob Wine abakwatiddwa abalindirira okutwalibwa mu court

By Martin Ndijjo

Added 20th September 2018


Ntebe18 703x422

 Emmotoka eyakozeseddwa okutuusa Bobi Wine mumakaage


Amangu ddala nga Bobi Wine yaakatonnya ku kisaawe e Ntebe amawulire gasoose kuyiting'ana nti Bobi Wine akwatiddwa kyokka aduumira Poliisi mu ggwanga, wabula omwogezi wa Poliisi mu ggwanga, Emilian Kayima n'afulumya ekiwandiiko ng'alaga ebiriwo.

Bobi Wine oluvudde ku nnyonyi n'ateekebwa mu mmotoka ya Poliisi ekika kya Land Cruiser, nnamba  UP7500 n'avugibwa wuuyo Kasangati ku Poliisi w'akyali mu bukuumi obwamaanyi.

Oluvannyuma ku ssaawa 9 Poliisi emuwerekedde okutuuka mu makaage e Magere awabadde wakung'aanidde enkuyanja y'abantu naddala abatuuze b'e Magere bakira abalinze okumwaniriza.


Ekirango kya Police ya Uganda eri omusibe Member wa Parliamenti ya Uganda Mr Robert Kyagulanyi.
Ebifananyi waggulu Police na magye ebya Uganda nga batwala Omubaka wa Parliamenti okumutuusa awaka we.